Why Being Late On A Date Will Only Lead To Disaster

Why Being Late On A Date Will Only Lead To Disaster

While checking out my inbox the other day, I stumbled upon a message from Kirk who shares that he’s gone through some horrible dates lately. And that’s even though he made sure to prepare for them as carefully as he can to really give the woman he’s going out with an awesome time.

Besides keeping a close eye on his grooming and picking the right getup, Kirk adds that he also tries to integrate the woman that he’s going to have a date with in the planning stage as much as possible to have an idea of the stuff that she likes and earn brownie points along the way.

However, Kirk reveals in his message that he’s got a bit of a problem arriving on time, which already gives me a clue why his dates didn’t turn out the way he wanted them to be. Let me explain what I mean…

As I have pointed out in an earlier post, establishing an emotional connection with a woman on your date should be a top priority in your checklist. Apart from being an effective way of making her feel more comfortable around you, it also helps boost your chances of convincing her to go out with you again.

Pulling this off primarily involves stimulating a woman’s body to produce and release positive hormones that make her feel more sociable and relaxed in spending time with you. And you just have to play your cards right to build up your chances of making her say yes to another date.

Now here’s where arriving late on a date gets in the picture as I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female psychology…

When you’re late (and the woman you’re going out with arrives earlier than you, too), her mind begins to churn out a lot of negative thoughts. Besides supposing that you are taking your date with her for granted, she will also assume that your time management skills rather suck.

This promotes a surge in stress hormones that will only just make your date feel impatient, anxious and uncertain, which will have a significant impact on how the whole thing will turn out as you go along.

And given the way she’s feeling, you’ll have a very tricky time fixing this.

Avoiding this from happening isn’t that complicated, though. You simply have to make it a point to get to the venue at least 20 minutes before she arrives and you’re already on the right track to truly connect with your date.

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