Are You Making This Terrible Oral Sex Mistake?

Are You Making This Terrible Oral Sex Mistake?

Going down on your wife, girlfriend or lover is no doubt an integral part of your sexual checklist when things get extra steamy in the bedroom. Besides giving your partner loads and loads of pleasurable sensations all at once, exploring south of her border the right way also boosts her chances of reaching the Big O as you go along.

Now while you may already have an idea of the spots and the techniques that she likes when you get busy down there, I discovered that a lot of guys tend to make a mistake that can significantly reduce the pleasurable sensations that a woman can experience during oral sex in the long run.

There’s even a chance that you’re guilty of doing this mistake as well. Make sure you follow along to find out more…

When it comes to really knocking a woman’s socks off during lovemaking, giving her a proper oral sex session is a surefire way to boost your chances of pulling it off.

Come to think of it. Given the sheer number of sensitive nerve endings that is located in and around her clitoris and vulva, you and your wife, girlfriend or lover are absolutely missing out on a lot when you skip the whole thing.

What’s really interesting, though, is I’ve discovered a simple mistake during my extensive research into the female sexuality that can have a very big impact on the pleasure levels that your partner can experience during oral sex sooner or later. And that’s even if you’re already bringing your cunnilingus A-game into play.

Without further ado, this mistake is only using the tip of your tongue to pleasure the erogenous zones that are located south of her border like her clitoris, vulva and mons pubis. See, besides restraining your overall ability while you’re getting busy down there, the sensations that she’ll experience will only end up being repetitive.

Sure your wife, girlfriend or lover may still experience pleasurable sensations when you do this, but they will lose their intensity over time and will feel more annoying than nice for her in the long run.

Fixing this issue isn’t that tricky, too. The next time you go down on your partner, keep in mind to stimulate her erogenous zones down there as if you were licking a lollipop, which makes use of the smoother and softer part of the tongue. The stimulation you’ll give her will also be gentler and more exciting as you go along.

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