Are You Making This Breast Stimulation Mistake?

Are You Making This Breast Stimulation Mistake?

If you’re anything like most guys, chances are stimulating a woman’s breasts in definitely one of the things that you’ve got in your sexual checklist when things get hot in the bedroom.

And given the sheer number of really sensitive nerve endings in and around her breasts, your wife, lover or girlfriend will surely miss out on a lot of pleasurable sensations when you don’t give them the TLC they deserve.

However, some men tend to make a simple mistake that can easily turn a potentially mind-blowing breast stimulation session to something that isn’t just awkward and uncomfortable for your partner, but can easily ruin her mood for action in bed before you know it.

There’s even a chance that you’re unknowingly making this mistake when you and your wife, lover or girlfriend are already at it between the sheets. Let me explain what I mean…

At its simplest, the breasts can be described as soft and protruding organs located in the upper torso of a woman’s body. They are basically made up of fat, a network of ducts as well as lots and lots of glands called alveoli that play key roles in the production and distribution of milk.

And in between them are countless sensitive nerve endings, which can knock your partner’s socks off when you stimulate her breasts the right way. Now here’s the mistake I was telling you about earlier…

But before we get on with it, let me ask you a simple question: which part of the breasts do you usually stimulate first when you get the chance to pleasure them?

If your answer is the nipples, then there is a big possibility that you’re not giving your wife, lover or girlfriend the breast stimulation pleasure that she wants while at it. This is because the nerve endings need to be properly activated first before they can churn out pleasurable sensations.

(The same idea goes for stimulating the clitoris immediately when you go down on her.)

Instead of knocking her socks off, the sensations that these nerve endings will produce are just going to turn out awkward, uncomfortable and annoying for her. Besides making her feel the opposite of what you’re hoping for, her sexual mood will significantly dwindle while at it as well.

And this already gives you an idea of how your lovemaking session will end up. Make it a point to stimulate the other areas of her breasts first before you get to the main event.

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