Learn Why Paying Attention To Your Footwear Is A Date Booster

Learn Why Paying Attention To Your Footwear Is A Date Booster

If you are anything like most guys, I’m pretty sure that you’re not that particular with your fashion sense. However, showing up on a date – especially the first date – with a decent get-up is a must to help increase your chances of convincing a woman to go out with you again.

What’s really interesting is I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that there’s a key factor in your attire that you shouldn’t overlook or else your date won’t turn out like you want it to no matter how hard you try.

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Now while we’ve previously touched on the importance of grooming when it comes to acing a date, some men tend to neglect their footwear in the process. I know this sounds a bit surprising right now, but having this in your checklist the next time you’re going out with a woman will surely give you an edge.

See, I discovered during my extensive research into the female psychology that women are predisposed to size you up before a date begins by checking out your overall physical appearance. Although clothes and grooming may be the first two things that popped in your mind, your choice of footwear also plays a very important role to make the whole thing successful.

Besides making sure that you choose an appropriate pair of shoes when you show up for your date, you also need to take note that they should be as clean and well-maintained as possible to really get the job done.

This is because I’ve learned that women include a guy’s footwear as one of the factors that they use to make a first impression. If your date thinks that the shoes you’re wearing are nice, she gets a surge of positive hormones that makes her feel more relaxed and comfortable around you.

However, if she gets the notion that your choice of footwear sucks, well, the exact opposite takes place.

Your date’s body gets a rush of negative hormones that will simply make her feel anxious, impatient and awkward. Now while this effect doesn’t happen in an instant, it will have a significant impact on her first impression of you. And I think you already have an idea of what will that be.

So the next time you’re going on a date, keep in mind to go for the best pair of shoes that you think will really wrap up your outfit. You won’t just feel more confident, but also earn extra brownie points in the process.

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