How Punctuality Can Make Or Break Your Chances Of Getting Another Date

How Punctuality Can Make Or Break Your Chances Of Getting Another Date

So here’s the situation…

You have finally convinced the woman you’ve got your eyes on to go out on a first date with you. And you’re looking to give her a really awesome time while at it to make her say yes to date number two.

However, a lot of guys seemingly overlook a key factor that can easily ruin your chances of pulling it off, which is arriving a few minutes too late on your date. I know this sounds surprising right now, but you’re sure to find out more when you follow along…

If you’ve been following my posts for a long time now, you probably already know that establishing a connection with a woman on a first date should be your top priority. Besides making it a point to keep a close eye on your grooming, engaging her in a meaningful conversation should also be on your checklist.

But the thing is I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that there is one other very important thing that some men tend to neglect when it comes to dates. And this is being on time.

In short, if you agreed to meet her at the venue you picked at 7 o’clock, then you better show up at the exact time. It’s even better if you get there earlier before she arrives.

Unlike what so-called “pickup artists” are saying, being fashionably late isn’t the way to go to give the woman you’re on a date with the notion that you’re “cool” and “dreamy.” It will just make her think otherwise, which will greatly reduce your chances of convincing her to go out with you again.

This is because she will simply have the idea that you are not a man of your word, which almost immediately promotes a surge of stress hormones in her body. Aside from making her feel anxious, she will also become impatient in the process.

And although you’ve already exerted a lot of effort at planning and organizing your first date to be as amazing as you can for her, things won’t turn out as you expected them to be no matter how hard you try to fix the situation because she already labeled you as “that guy.”

Always keep in mind that if you’re looking to ace a first date, don’t just think about your grooming, the venue you’re taking her as well as the conversation topics that you’ll have up your sleeve.

Make sure you get there on time as well.

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