You're At Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction If You Do This

You’re At Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction If You Do This

While checking out my inbox over the weekend, I came across a message from Craig who shares that it’s taking him a lot longer to rise up to the occasion when he and his girlfriend are already heating things up in the bedroom these days.

Craig points out that it’s getting him really worried because he’s always been able to get rock hard on demand. Moreover, he thinks that this issue is already putting a strain on his girlfriend’s sexual pleasure as well.

However, what I really found interesting about Craig’s message is his disclosure about his smoking habit. Although he admits that he can only smoke a couple of cigarettes the most during a normal day, he tends to light up more when he feels rather stressed.

I think I already have an idea why Craig is having issues achieving an erection these days and there’s also a possibility that you may be making the same mistake, too. Make sure you follow along to find out more…

If you’re anything like most men, you probably don’t keep time when it comes to getting hard during sexual arousal because it happens almost instantaneously. But what’s really interesting is I’ve learned during my extensive research into the male sexuality that achieving an erection is actually a complicated process.

This process kicks off as soon as the brain detects that you and your wife, girlfriend or lover are already warming things up in bed.

It stimulates the hormone-producing glands to start churning out positive hormones like dopamine and oxytocin that trigger temporary yet very prominent changes in the body to prep you up for lovemaking.

Besides making your skin – especially in and around the erogenous zones – extremely sensitive to stimulation, these hormones also direct a more than usual amount of blood to the pelvic region, where it will be absorbed by the erectile tissues in the penis to ideally firm it up.

Now here’s the problem if you habitually light up…

Nicotine in cigarettes has the ability to constrict blood channels like blood vessels, veins and arteries when it is regularly introduced in the body. It greatly prevents the erectile tissues in the penis to absorb the right amount of blood they need to get an erection going.

There are only two things that can take place when this happens. It’s either you’re going to take a very long time to rise up to the occasion or perhaps not get hard at all. Just imagine how disappointing would that be for you and your partner.

And just to make things worse, there are also clinical studies that indicate nicotine won’t just lower sex drive levels, but also cause cancer in the mouth, throat and lungs in the long run.

(Now we’ve got that covered, here’s a diet essential that will surely help your erections strong and lasting.)

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