Always Have This In Mind During Anal Sex

Always Have This In Mind During Anal Sex

Now here’s the situation…

So you’ve finally convinced your wife, girlfriend or lover to engage in anal sex with you. If you’re anything like most men, chances are sexually penetrating her in the backdoor is definitely one of the top items in your sexual checklist.

And since you’ve been dreaming of this moment for a really long time, you’d want to make the experience as pleasurable for your partner as you can.

Now while you’ve already fired her up for action in the bedroom and got your hands on lots of lube as well, there is one very important factor that you should keep in mind to avoid ruining her mood for anal sex almost instantly.

Let me explain what I mean…

Unlike the stuff you see in porn movies, anal sex isn’t just about slapping on a copious amount of lube and making a beeline for your partner’s anus to sexually penetrate. It is actually a process that needs to be set off properly or else things will just lead to disaster before you know it.

Besides completely getting a woman sexually aroused, she also needs to be very comfortable and relaxed to get her going for anal sex. And it’s crucial that you discussed the subject with her beforehand or else she’s just going to get really annoyed and upset, which means no backdoor action will be happening anytime soon.

But the thing is chances are your wife, girlfriend or lover hasn’t experienced anal sex yet. Simply getting down to business when you get the chance is just going to be very uncomfortable for her even to the point of pain.

And you don’t want this to happen since your partner will associate these sensations with anal sex, which already gives you an idea how things will go the next time you ask her for some backdoor action.

Instead of immediately sexually penetrating her, make it a point to start things off by stimulating her anus like you would her other erogenous zones. This is to give her the idea that anal sex is pleasurable and exciting. You simply have to work your way up there.

When it’s time to sexually penetrate her, keep in mind that getting the tip of your penis is rather tricky since it is the widest part of your manhood and can possibly give her discomfort. Make sure you do it as slowly and gently as you can and you’ll be on the right track to pleasurable anal sex sooner or later.

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