Are You Making This Mistake Than Can Ruin Your Erections?

Are You Making This Mistake Than Can Ruin Your Erections?

If you’re anything like most men, I’m pretty sure that your ability to get rock hard on demand means a great deal to you. Besides keeping your self-confidence in check, having strong and powerful erections also means that you can give your wife, girlfriend or lover the sexual satisfaction that she wants.

So that pretty much gives you an idea what will happen if you just find yourself not being able to rise up to the occasion when things get hot in the bedroom.

But what’s really interesting is that while the quality of your erections may be ideal these days, there is a possibility that you’re making a simple mistake that can gradually weaken them over time.

Make sure you follow along to find out more…

While I was checking out new medical journals at the local library the other day, I stumbled upon a study that linked the chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) as a potential threat to the overall sexual health of men when it’s consistently ingested in large amounts.

At its simplest, BPA is a type of organic synthetic compound that is mainly used for industrial purposes like the manufacture of water bottles, dental sealants and the components of medical equipment.

However, the most common use for BPA in the industrial setting is lining the lips of cans so they won’t leak up when sealed. Whether it’s canned tomatoes or the canned brand of barbecue sauce that you prefer, chances are it’s got BPA in them and you’re bound to ingest it along with the stuff that’s in the can.

And here’s where things get really interesting…

A study conducted by perinatal and reproductive epidemiologists in China revealed that although BPA was generally harmless when ingested in minute amounts once or twice, absorbing it in a regular basis can already lead to sexual issues among men, top of which is erectile dysfunction.

See, this is because BPA has the ability to disrupt the production and release of the needed sex hormones like testosterone in the body. Once these sex hormones are prevented from performing their specific functions, your libido goes down and you’ll have a tough time getting and maintaining a powerful erection during sexual arousal.

Now while I am not saying that you should completely swear off canned products for good, making it a point to go for the fresh stuff when you can. And while we’re on the subject, keeping in mind to have lots of fiber in your regular diet also helps stave off erectile dysfunction.

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