Are You Making This Mistake When Stimulating Her Breasts?

Are You Making This Mistake When Stimulating Her Breasts?

When it comes to sex, I’m pretty sure that giving your partner’s breasts the right amount of stimulation they deserve is definitely on your lovemaking checklist. And with the loads of pleasurable sensations they can give your wife, girlfriend or lover, you’re definitely missing out on a lot if you don’t as well.

However, there is a mistake a lot of guys seem to overlook when breast stimulation is concerned that can easily dampen a woman’s sexual mood. That’s even if you’re already bringing your A-game into play while at it, too.

Let me explain what I mean…

Most men mistakenly believe that the best way to stimulate a woman’s breasts – particularly the nipples – is to make a beeline for them as soon as foreplay starts. Instead of giving her pleasurable sensations, you’re just going to end up doing the opposite.

Now while the breasts contain a lot of sensitive nerve endings that can churn out pleasurable sensations if stimulated the right way, they won’t do just that if not eased into it. You can think of the whole thing as an engine that needs to be revved up before it can really get going.

(This is also true with the clitoris, which will only feel uncomfortable when stimulated before it’s ready for action.)

And this is the mistake that I was telling you about earlier.

Sure your wife, girlfriend or lover may feel a bit of pleasure when your stimulate her breasts before you’re able to fire up the nerve endings in them, but the sensations that she’s going to feel in the process are mostly awkward and uncomfortable.

No amount of licking, kissing and caressing will fix this one as well. If the sensitive nerve endings in your partner’s breasts aren’t ready, the sensations that she will feel are just going end up being more dull than awesome.

But the thing is firing up these nerve endings isn’t that tricky to pull off.

Instead of going straight to her breasts, make it a point to stimulate the areas around them for a few minutes first until you notice that they have become somewhat redder and her nipples more rigid.

When this happens, you’ll know that you are on the right track.

And if your wife, girlfriend or lover is already the one asking you to go to town on her breasts, then you’re definitely in the clear to take your stimulation techniques up a notch.

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