This Simple Thing Can Put Your Erections At Risk

This Simple Thing Can Put Your Erections At Risk

I’ve had the chance of catching up with some of my college buddies the other night and we shared a few beers at our local watering hole. One of them works as a dental hygienist and shared a rather interesting factor that can easily put your erections at risk of weakening sooner or later.

And what’s really interesting is a lot of guys seem to overlook this factor. There’s even a chance that you’re neglecting this one as well. Make sure you follow along to find out what this is so you can keep on getting rock hard on demand…

Let’s kick things off with a very simple question. When was the last time you visited your dentist or dental hygienist to have your teeth and gums cleaned and checked as well as to make sure that they’re all in tiptop shape?

If your answer is you regularly drop by your dentist’s clinic or dental hygienist’s to keep your gums and chompers in the pink, then you’re in the clear.

However, if you don’t have an idea when was the last time you had your teeth and gums given the professional TLC that they deserve, then there’s a big possibility that you may be at risk of losing the strength and power of your erections in the long run.

This is because having diseased gums and teeth basically give bad bacteria the opportunity to break through the blood vessels in and around the mouth.

Besides triggering the onset of abscesses and similar infections almost immediately, these bacteria can also eventually breach the larger blood channels that direct a more than usual amount of circulation to the erectile tissues in the penis when you get sexually aroused.

And they’ll just end up disrupting the ideal flow of blood to the erectile tissues in the penis, which will only cause your erections to get weaker over time and may even make them fizzle out sooner than you’d like to.

Come to think of it. Won’t that be very frustrating and disappointing not just to you, but also to your wife, girlfriend or lover when the two of you are already at it in bed?

Now while I am not suggesting that you should make taking care of your teeth and gums a complete obsession, I’m simply reminding that keeping in mind to brush, floss and drop by your hygienist’s or dentist’s clinic in a regular basis is a must to maintain the power and intensity of your erections.

Moreover, make sure you also keep clear from this fashion no-no that can cause erectile problems in the long run.

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