You Will Feel More Confident When You Do This

You Will Feel More Confident When You Do This

While having a beer at my local watering hole the other evening, I had the chance to talk with Edward who shares that he’s having a big problem with his confidence levels, especially when he’s around women.

Edward takes up biology and is well into his third year in college. And he reveals that he’s already blown a lot of first dates because of his confidence issue. He even thinks that he’s never going to be successful with women.

Well, I explained to Edward that unless his confidence levels improve, that’s exactly what will happen in the long run. I’ve also emphasized that acting obnoxious to supposedly get that “alpha male” feeling as recommended by so-called “pickup artists” will just lead to disaster almost immediately.

I also shared with him a simple technique to do just that. Let me explain what I mean…

In its purest sense, confidence is basically a state of mind. It is activated when the brain is encouraged to churn out a lot of positive hormones in the body at one time. Besides making you feel more relaxed and optimistic, these hormones also make you feel more comfortable when mingling with other people.

But the thing is a lot of guys mistakenly believe that simply putting on nice clothes and shoes, having a spritz or two of cologne as well as having a clean shave will already get their confidence going.

Now while overall grooming and appearance are key factors that help promote the brain to cause a surge of positive hormones in the body, you won’t feel confident just yet if they are the only things you include in your checklist.

Come to think of it. You can wear the most fashionable outfits and footwear or perhaps spend a lot of time attending to your hygiene, but if you’re not really into it, your attempts at becoming more confident will just fizzle out.

And now here’s the confidence-boosting technique that I was pointing out earlier…

The next time you’re looking to take your confidence levels up a notch, make it a point to think of a happy thought. It could be an unforgettable moment in your life, an achievement you’re really proud of or simply anything that gets you feel warm and fuzzy inside almost instantly.

Internalize this thought for a few minutes until you notice that there is a positive change in your mood. And there you have it! You’ve managed to stimulate your brain to churn out positive hormones to make you feel more confident.

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