Are You Making This Oral Sex Mistake?

Are You Making This Oral Sex Mistake?

Chances are you’ve got oral sex in your checklist when things are already heating up in the bedroom. Besides being a surefire way to really get your wife, girlfriend or lover going for a sex session, your chances of giving her an orgasm get much higher when you go down on her and knock her socks off.

And when it comes to oral action, I’m pretty sure that stimulating your partner’s clitoris is an absolute priority.  However, there is a mistake a lot of guys seem to overlook when oral sex is concerned.

Apart from significantly decreasing the amount of pleasurable sensations that they can give even when they’re already bringing their A-game into play, it can also ruin a woman’s mood for lovemaking in almost no time.

Let me explain what I mean…

Perhaps the most important attribute that the clitoris has is its extreme sensitivity to stimulation. You’re sure to get her moaning and writhing in pleasure if you play your cards right when you explore south of her border.

Unlike what most men mistakenly think though, the clitoris doesn’t just start churning out pleasurable sensations as soon as you give it a go.

This major erogenous zone needs a bit of time to prep up for action because of its rather sensitive nature. And unless you give it time to do so, it’s either your wife, girlfriend or lover won’t enjoy the experience as much as she wants or she won’t enjoy the whole thing at all no matter how hard you try.

This is because the clitoris needs a more than usual amount of blood pumped to it during sexual arousal before it can activate its numerous – and I mean numerous because it is more than twice the amount that’s in and around the penis – nerve endings to produce and release pleasure sensations when stimulated.

And when these nerve endings aren’t activated, the stimulation that you’ll do will only feel dull, annoying and even to the point of being really uncomfortable that they’re already painful, which will just lead to oral sex disaster before you know it.

This is the mistake that I was telling you about earlier.

So the next time you’re looking to give your wife, girlfriend or lover an oral sex session that she won’t forget anytime soon, keep in mind to get her as sexually aroused as much as you can before you start the action to really make the experience a mind-blowing one for her.

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