Why Your Erections Are Not That Intense Anymore

Why Your Erections Are Not That Intense Anymore

While browsing my inbox this morning, I came across a message from Gavin who shares he is noticing that his erections are rather losing their intensity these days. Now while he can still rise up to the occasion when things get hot in bed, he thinks that they’re not as powerful like they used to.

Gavin adds that it’s already getting him worried and even considers getting his hands on pills, creams and similar artificial stuff that claim to work wonders on erections.

But the piece of information that got me really interested about Gavin’s message is his disclosure that he’s quite a fan of greasy and salty treats like burgers, fries and pretzels, which he indulges in about two or three days a week.

I think I’ve already got an idea what keeps Gavin from really getting rock hard like he used to. Make sure you follow along to find out more…

At its simplest, getting an erection is a process. It begins with the brain stimulating the hormone-producing glands to produce and release specific positive hormones as soon as it detects a stimulus that gets you sexually aroused.

When these hormones get in the picture, they set off key changes in the body that help intensify the sexual arousal you’re experiencing. Besides making you breathe faster and picking up your heart rate, they also cause a more than usual amount of blood flow being directed to your pelvic region, which will absorbed by the erectile tissues in the penis.

As soon as these tissues have absorbed enough blood, they become firm and you’ve got an erection going on. But the thing is there are factors that can easily disrupt this process, which easily means it’s either you will have a weaker erection than usual or perhaps not get hard at all.

And this is having higher than normal blood pressure levels or hypertension. Sure a copious amount of blood is needed to get you rock hard, but hypertension simply prevents it from reaching where it’s really needed. This condition can lead to rather serious health issues as well so don’t take it lightly.

What’s really interesting is that hypertension is primarily caused by loading up on too much salt and oil

I am not saying that you should completely swear off your favorite greasy and salty treats from your menu. You just have to keep in mind to enjoy them moderately or else you’ll simply find yourself not rising up to the occasion like you want.

Don’t forget to include fiber in your diet to keep hypertension at bay, too.

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