Why She's Not Enjoying Anal Sex

Why She’s Not Enjoying Anal Sex

While checking out my inbox this morning, I stumbled upon a message from Doug who shares that he couldn’t seem to make anal sex even a bit pleasurable for his girlfriend no matter how hard he tried when they’re already at it in the bedroom.

Now while Doug points out that his partner is game enough to give anal sex a go during lovemaking, he’s worried that she will lose her enthusiasm sooner or later because he just can’t give her an awesome time each time they do it in the backdoor.

However, Doug reveals that one thing that helps him convince his girlfriend to say yes to anal sex is playing an adult video when things get hot in bed. And I think I already have an idea why she’s not finding the whole thing enjoyable.

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So let’s cut to the chase. A lot of guys mistakenly think that they can learn everything they need to know about anal sex from porn movies. And what’s really interesting is this is the biggest reason why a lot of women are not finding pleasure when they’re sexually penetrated from behind.

See, porn movies are called as such since they’re portrayed by actors and actresses who are playing roles to give the audience the feeling that what’s happening on screen is real. But the thing is you’re just seeing the result of a meticulous preparation that takes place behind the scenes.

You’re not seeing the actresses applying a copious amount of lube in and around their anuses to prep up for sexual preparation or perhaps the stimulation they receive in advance to warm themselves up properly for the same.

Now while you may see the actor getting the anal action going as soon as the movie starts, but you’re not given a preview of the hard work that goes on before the cameras begin rolling.

Although women may react differently to anal sex – some will like it almost instantly, while others need a bit of time to get accustomed to it – there are three key factors that you should always keep in mind to boost your chances of making her enjoy the experience.

Besides making it a point to get your partner as sexually aroused as you can, it’s also important to get your hands on a lot of lube as well as keeping things as slow and easy as possible in the process.

And just to reiterate, don’t use an XXX video as a guide for anal sex. Ever.

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