How To Make Her Wetter Than Ever

How To Make Her Wetter Than Ever

One problem a lot of men seem to have when things get hot in the bedroom is making their partners as wet as possible during foreplay to get them totally ready for a sex session.

Now while I’m sure that you’ve already got a few proven techniques that really get your wife, girlfriend or lover going in bed, but I’m going to reveal a simple trick that will surely make her gush down there.

And it’s definitely going to knock your partner’s socks off and take her pleasure levels during the action to a whole new level while at it.

Let me explain what I mean…

The brain plays a very important role in getting a woman sexually aroused. The more your wife, girlfriend or lover is sexually aroused, the more positive hormones are going to be produced and released in her body, which will boost the pleasurable sensations she’ll experience during foreplay.

And the more your partner finds foreplay pleasurable, the wetter she will become as you go along.

Chances are you’ve already got a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to making your wife, girlfriend or lover sexually aroused, but I’ve come up with a simple yet very effective technique that will surely get her gushing when the two of you are already at it in bed.

I call it the “admire and tease” technique. Now while this may sound a bit complicated right now, it’s actually quite easy to pull off. Make sure you follow along to learn how you can get the job done…

As soon as the action starts in the bedroom, make it a point to “admire” her body – both physically and verbally – while you are exploring it. You can easily say that her breasts look amazing while stimulating them or perhaps saying a few flattering words while licking or kissing the back of her neck.

This move alone can already promote her brain to churn out higher levels of positive hormones in no time. But the thing is we can still make the whole thing even more awesome for her. This is where the “tease” part gets in the picture.

Stimulate a particular erogenous zone enough that she will find it pleasurable, but take a slight pause when she wants you to go faster and harder. The anticipation of the sensations she will go through is also going to take the number of positive hormones churned out in her body through the roof.

How about giving the “admire and tease” technique a go in the bedroom the next time you and your wife, girlfriend or lover are prepping up for a sex session? You’ll just be surprised with the way how things will turn out.

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