This Trick Can Take Her Oral Sex Pleasure Up A Notch

This Trick Can Take Her Oral Sex Pleasure Up A Notch

I’m pretty sure that giving your wife, girlfriend or lover a sex session she won’t forget anytime soon is the top item in your checklist when the two of you are already heating things in bed. And one surefire way of doing just that is pleasuring her erogenous zones orally.

Besides boosting your chances of giving your partner a mind-blowing orgasm or two when you do it properly, making it a point to explore the south of her border during lovemaking also prevents you from going off too soon while at it.

How’s that for two for two?

And I’m also sure that pleasuring her clitoris is the highlight of your oral sex session. This erogenous zone is simply loaded with lots and lots of extremely sensitive nerve endings that will definitely knock her socks off when you stimulate it the right way.

Now while you may already think that you’ve already mastered the art of giving your wife, girlfriend or lover a clitoral stimulation session that she’s always wanted, but I’ll let you in on a trick that will easily take the pleasurable sensations that she’ll experience up a notch in no time.

Let me explain what I mean…

If you’re anything like most guys, you probably make a beeline for your partner’s clitoris as soon as you’ve got her going in the bedroom (and here’s a simple way to pull off just that). There’s really no wrong way of stimulating this erogenous zone, too.

As long as you do it gently, you can kiss, caress, fondle, lick and even suck the clitoris to coax to start producing pleasurable sensations that will eventually lead to an orgasm if you keep at it steadily.

But the thing is a lot of men tend to exclusively focus on the clitoris alone when they’re stimulating it. They neglect the labia and vagina that also contain a considerable amount of sensitive nerve endings that can also churn out pleasurable sensations when pleasured.

Now here’s the trick I was telling you all about earlier…

The next time you give your wife, girlfriend or lover oral sex, keep in mind to use that “top to bottom” technique. Start off by stimulating the clitoris for a bit and follow up by tracing the outline of her vagina and labia.

Just to keep things interesting, make it a point to deliberately mix up your technique as you go along so she won’t have a clue where you’ll go next. You can either begin at the bottom by sucking or licking her vagina and work your way up or perhaps start at the sides of her labia.

There are countless ways you can do this, too. And before you know it, she’ll be on the verge of reaching the Big O (or two). Don’t be surprised if she begs for more while you’re at it as well.

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