An Anal Sex No-No You Should Always Keep In Mind

An Anal Sex No-No You Should Always Keep In Mind

So now you’ve finally convinced your wife, girlfriend or lover to have anal sex with you…

Now while you may think that you’ve already got all your bases covered to really give her a pleasurable experience, chances are you’re missing out on a very important factor that will just lead to the opposite.

Let me explain what I mean…

If you’re anything like most guys, chances are you’ve got anal action up there in your sexual bucket list.

Besides the promise of experiencing new sensations that you’ve never felt before, the idea that you’re also doing something rather forbidden also raises your excitement levels up a notch. However, a lot of men tend to overlook a key anal sex factor that can ruin the whole thing for your wife, girlfriend or lover.

And it’s immediately sexually penetrating her anus with your penis as soon as you get the chance. Sure this may sound a bit surprising right now, but you’re sure to find out more when you follow along…

See, anal sex doesn’t work like the stuff you normally see in porn movies. You simply don’t just slap on some lube and stick it in her.

Apart from making sure that you’ve already warmed up your partner as much as you can and getting your hands on a sufficient amount of the right kind of lubrication, you also have to properly ease her anus to accommodate your penis.

This is the no-no I told you about earlier. Unless you do this before you get the backdoor action going, chances are she will find it really tricky to enjoy anal sex even if you’re already bringing your A-game into play while at it.

And the best way to ease your partner’s anus for sexual penetration is using your fingers first. This doesn’t just help your wife, girlfriend or lover get in the rhythm, but also stimulate her anus to become more receptive to penetration as you go along.

Here’s how you can pull it off…

When you’ve finally gotten your partner completely sexually aroused (here’s a quick guide you can go over to really make sure), apply a liberal amount of lube to your fingers and use them to massage the edges of her anus first.

The moment she’s ready, insert your pinky as gently and slowly as you can. Let your wife, girlfriend or lover get used to the feeling for a bit and then use the next finger. Keep on doing this until you can easily insert two fingers at once.

And this is perfect time for the main event, if you know what I mean.

Keep in mind that this isn’t an instant affair though. Your partner might not get used to the sensations as quick as you’d like. However, patience is a virtue when you’re doing this because the rewards are just awesome.

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