Watching These Kind Of Movies Can Help Her Get Ready For Sex Faster

Watching These Kind Of Movies Can Help Her Get Ready For Sex Faster

Prepping up your wife, girlfriend or lover properly for sex plays a very important role when it comes to making the experience as pleasurable for her as possible. Unless you really got your partner going for lovemaking, chances are she won’t enjoy the whole thing and may even prevent her from reaching the Big O.

Now while I’m pretty sure that porn may have been the first thing that came to your mind when you began checking out this post, what’s really interesting is that it totally isn’t. Make sure you follow along to find out more…

Getting a woman sexually aroused doesn’t just happen. You have to ease her into it or else things won’t go as you expected. This is the reason why you’ve got to give her an awesome foreplay session to get her body going for action in the bedroom.

See, as soon as the brain detects that you and your wife, girlfriend or lover are already heating things up in bed, it immediately activates the hormone producing glands to produce and release specific hormones, which set off key changes in her body as soon as they get in the picture.

Besides taking her blood pressure and breathing rate up a notch, these hormones also make her skin, especially in and around the erogenous zones, more sensitive than usual. A significant amount of blood is also directed to her pelvic region to get her juices flowing down there.

And as long as you play your cards right and keep those hormones coming, your partner is going to get really sexually aroused and you can already start your lovemaking session.

During my extensive research into the female sexuality though, I’ve learned that the hormones churned out in a woman’s body during sexual arousal are generally the same as the ones her system releases when she’s feeling excited or thrilled.

An emotion that you can easily stimulate when you watch an action flick or perhaps a thriller (or even a mix of both) with your wife, girlfriend or lover.

Come to think of it. When you pop a thriller or action movie in the player, chances are she’s going to breathe faster, her heartbeat will race and she’ll experience a boost in her blood pressure. These sound really familiar, right? Well, there you go.

(Now we’ve got that covered, you can also pull off a similar feat by asking her to exercise with you.)

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