This Trick Can Make Her Really Wet

This Trick Can Make Her Really Wet

While browsing my inbox this morning, I came across a message from Jamie F. who shares that he is finding it rather tricky to make his wife wet down there when the action is getting hot in the bedroom.

He adds that he is having a very hard time pulling it off even if he’s already bringing his A-game into play during foreplay. And it’s affecting him in a very big way when he and his partner are at it in bed these days.

Now while it’s quite frustrating when you notice that you’re not able to get your wife, girlfriend or lover as wet as you’d like her to when the two of you are already at it in the bedroom, it doesn’t mean that your lovemaking sessions are going to end up like this.

I have just the trick that can help you boost your chances of really getting her juices flowing the next time you and your partner switch the foreplay mode on. Let me explain what I mean…

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly think, getting a woman wet during foreplay to properly prep her up for sexual penetration isn’t just about bringing your best moves into play. What’s really interesting is you can use words to do just that.

See, during my extensive research into the female sexuality, I discovered that encouraging a woman’s brain to churn out mood-altering hormones like oxytocin and dopamine doesn’t just involve the stimulation of her erogenous zones, such as the breasts, clitoris, inner thighs and the back of the neck.

Getting really graphic with your descriptions of how you’re going to pleasure your partner during foreplay will also set off a similar effect to her brain. This is because giving her a preview of how you’ll lick her clitoris or perhaps the technique you’re going to use when you caress her nipples is going to make her really excited.

Moreover, when a woman feels excited, her body goes through a sudden surge of hormones that are generally the same with the ones released when she is sexually aroused. The more excited she becomes, the more of these hormones are let loose.

And this simply means getting your wife, girlfriend or lover wet won’t be that tough anymore as you go along with your foreplay session.

Make it a point to be as detailed and explicit when you do this as well. Keep in mind not to hold back with your descriptions of how you will pleasure her during foreplay to really get the maximum effect.

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