One Thing You Need To Remember When It Comes To Anal Sex

One Thing You Need To Remember When It Comes To Anal Sex

So you’ve finally convinced your wife, girlfriend or lover to have anal sex with you…

Well, if you’re anything like most guys, chances are having a go at it at the exit door when things are heating up in bed is on your lovemaking bucket list. But the thing is there’s a key anal sex factor that a lot of men seem to overlook when they do get the chance.

And not keeping this in mind when you and your partner are already at it can significantly prevent her from enjoying the experience and may even make her cross off anal sex on her bedroom checklist right on the spot.

Let me explain what I mean…

At its simplest, the anus is not capable of naturally producing the lubrication necessary for lovemaking like the vagina does. It needs a bit of help when it comes to really making things as smooth and easy when you penetrate it sexually.

Now while it’s quite obvious that you should have lube on hand if you’re looking to get a round of backdoor action going with your wife, girlfriend or lover in bed, not having enough of it is something that most tend to neglect.

They mistakenly believe that simply applying a generous amount of lube once before anal sex is already enough to last the whole thing.

Although putting on the right amount of lube again and again during anal sex may not be something that you usually see in porn movies, forgetting to do this can lead to disaster before you really got started.

Sure most lubricants that are commercially available nowadays are designed to last very long during lovemaking, but they’re not formulated to stay slick the whole time either. You’ll need to reapply every few minutes during anal sex or else your partner will start to feel rather uncomfortable to the point of pain when you don’t.

Besides staving off the pleasurable sensations that your wife, girlfriend or lover will experience during anal sex, you’re sure to feel the effects yourself while at it as well. And you’ll definitely find it tricky to convince her to have a go at backdoor action again when this happens.

This issue is not that complicated to fix though. Apart from doubling the amount of lube that you think you will need during anal sex, making it a point to put on a generous amount of the same every few minutes is also a smart idea.

Once you feel that things are not as smooth and easy as they should, smear on some lube as soon as you can.

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