Don't Do This If You Want To Dazzle A Woman During A First Date

Don’t Do This If You Want To Dazzle A Woman During A First Date

While browsing my inbox this morning, I came across a message from Jared who shares that he seems to have a problem scoring a second date even though he always keeps in mind to make the first one as awesome as he can.

Besides making sure that his overall hygiene is up to par before meeting the woman he’s on a date with, Jared also double-checks that the venue is also going to be entertaining and appropriate for the both of them.

However, Jared reveals that he just finds it a bit difficult to maintain eye contact with a woman during a conversation. He points out that he’s afraid that he may look imposing to his date when he does it longer than he should.

Jared also adds that his conversations on his dates usually start out rather good, but tend to lose steam as they go along. And the women he’s going out during the same seem to become rather anxious with each passing minute.

I think I already have an idea what prevents Jared from really acing a first date and boosting his chances of scoring a second one. Make sure you follow along to find out more…

During my extensive research into the female psychology, I discovered that making a woman as comfortable and relaxed as possible during a first date is a key priority.  And unless you pull this off, chances are you won’t be able to convince her to go out with you a second time.

What’s really interesting is one of the ways that you can make a woman feel awkward and uneasy during a first date is not maintaining eye contact. This easily gives them the notion that you’re not truly honest and reliable – no matter how sincere your intentions are or perhaps how nice you really are as a guy.

When this happens, her brain almost instantly activates some hormone-producing glands in her body to churn out stress hormones, which will only make her feel quite anxious and impatient as well as give her the urge to be somewhere else.

And I think you already know how your first date will turn out when this takes place.

As for Jared, fixing your problem with maintaining eye contact isn’t that tricky, too. You can simply shift your focus to your date’s nose bridge while at it. Keep in mind to always listen to her intently as well to boost your chances of scoring a second date even higher.

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