This Can Make Stimulating Her Breasts Uncomfortable

This Can Make Stimulating Her Breasts Uncomfortable

If you’re anything like most guys, chances are stimulating your lover’s breasts is definitely on your sexual checklist when things get hot in the bedroom. But the thing is you’re simply noticing that your partner is not enjoying the action like she used to these days.

This doesn’t mean you’ve already lost your knack of giving her the pleasurable sensations that she wants when you stimulate her breasts though. There’s just a possibility you’re making a simple mistake prevents her from really enjoying the whole thing.

Let me explain what I mean…

The breasts are no doubt one of the first erogenous zones that you zero in on whenever you and your lover are already at it in bed. Besides having a rather sexy visual appeal, they are also very nice to the touch when fondled, caressed or stimulated.

And when you give your partner’s breasts the TLC that they really deserve, giving her a sex session she won’t forget anytime soon won’t be that tricky. However, I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female sexuality a key mistake that a lot of men seem to make when they stimulate their lovers’ breasts.

Interestingly, this mistake is immediately making a beeline to the nipples as soon as they get the chance. I know this sounds a bit surprising right now, but you’re sure to give your partner a lot more pleasure the next time you stimulate her breasts during foreplay when you follow along…

See, a woman’s body goes through a process when she is sexually aroused. As soon as her brain detects that things are already warming up in the bedroom, it activates the endocrine glands to produce and release positive hormones that set off key changes in her body to prep up for lovemaking.

Apart from increasing her heart and breathing rates, these hormones also take her skin’s sensitivity levels up a notch, especially in and around the erogenous zones.

However, this doesn’t mean that her erogenous zones – like her nipples – will start churning out pleasurable sensations when stimulated as soon as these hormones get in the picture, even if you’re bringing your A-game into play while at it.

They need a bit of time to get totally ready and stimulating them before they do so will either feel awkward or even rather painful for your lover. And you already have an idea of how your breast stimulation session will turn out.

So the next time you’re looking to stimulate your partner’s breasts, make it a point to give her enough time to really get those positive hormones going in her body. You’ll be surprised how much more she will enjoy the experience.

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