This Dating Tip Is Surely A Winner

This Dating Tip Is Surely A Winner

While checking my inbox this morning, I came across a question from Howie who asks why he doesn’t seem to score a second date even if he’s done everything to make the whole thing as amazing as he can for the woman he is going out with.

Besides making it a point to look and smell like a million bucks, Howie shares that he only goes for the fanciest and most expensive restaurants when picking the venue for his dates. He adds that he does this to really make an impression.

Well, I think I already have an idea of what’s wrong with Howie’s dating strategy. And if you’re also looking to take your chances of scoring a second date up a notch, make sure you follow along to find out more…

See, men and women have different perspectives when it comes to first dates. Now while guys immediately consider them as stepping stones to build a romantic relationship, women simply think of them as rather relaxed social engagements where they can make friends and meet new people.

Although keeping your grooming up to par is a must as well as picking a nice place to take her to, overdoing the whole thing in terms of choosing your date’s venue can already have a negative effect on the woman you’re going out with.

Sure choosing an ultra-posh venue for your big day (or night) may be a good idea for you, but it will simply make her feel that she’s going to a job interview rather than a date, which will only set off a surge of negative hormones in her body.

And this will greatly affect how she’ll interact with you during the same sooner than you think.

Apart from making her feel impatient and rather anxious, the woman you’re going out with is also going to feel the urge to be somewhere else even if you’re bringing your dating A-game in play while at it. Chances are you already have an idea of how your date will turn out when this happens.

Now here’s a simple tip how you can fix this issue…

The next time you are planning a first date, keep in mind to let her get in the action. Besides asking her where she’d like to have it, make sure you ask her what food she likes and the beverages she prefers. You won’t just pick a venue that your date is comfortable in, but also learn a few things about her that you can use to dazzle her as you go along.

It’s also a good idea to have your date in her favorite deli or bar since she’s already familiar and comfortable with the place and won’t feel awkward and anxious when you take her there.

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