Do This If You Want Her To Go Down On You

Do This If You Want Her To Go Down On You

If you’re anything like most men, chances are getting a blowjob from your wife, girlfriend or lover is definitely one of the highlights you are looking forward to when things get hot in the bedroom.

But the thing is you’re simply noticing that your partner is not going down on you as often like she used to these days.

This doesn’t mean that your BJ days are over though. Chances are you’re just forgetting to include a certain technique in your sexual checklist that will make your wife, girlfriend or lover more eager to explore south of your border.

Make sure you follow along to find out more…

See, the brain plays a key role when it comes to lovemaking. Besides activating the endocrine glands to produce and release positive hormones like dopamine and oxytocin to get you properly sexually aroused, it also gauges when to trigger your orgasmic and ejaculatory responses when you and your partner are at it in bed.

What’s really interesting about the brain is I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female sexuality that it doesn’t stop performing its other functions even during sex. I know this sounds surprising right now, but it can still keep on doing its non-sexual functions even when you’re in the middle of the action.

Now here comes the technique that I was telling you about earlier to boost your chances of her going down on you…

The next time you and your wife, girlfriend or lover are heating things up in the bedroom, make it a point to gently tease her into not being able to give you an awesome blowjob. You can think of it as mild, friendly banter only during sex.

You can tell your partner that you still haven’t experienced an unforgettable blowjob from her or perhaps tease her that you can easily give better oral sex at the drop of a hat. (Here’s a quick tip how you can stimulate her clitoris a lot better, too.)

Rib her to the point that you will get a reaction, but not enough to make her feel awkward or annoyed. Keep things light and funny while you’re at it as well. Remember to make her feel challenged and not provoked or things won’t turn out well.

Sure this may sound rather simplistic, but it’s sure worth giving a try if you’re aiming for a BJ on your next lovemaking session.

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