How To Boost Your Chances Of Getting A Second Date

How To Boost Your Chances Of Getting A Second Date

Scoring a second date is no doubt the top item in your checklist when you are taking out a woman for the very first time.

Now while a lot of guys mistakenly think that pulling off just that is all about looking and smelling like a million bucks and getting a reservation at the most expensive restaurant they can find, it is actually more than that.

See, I learned a key pointer about acing a first date and boosting your chances of scoring a second one during my extensive research into the female psychology and I’m sure you’ll find it quite interesting as well.

Let me explain what I mean…

If you’re anything like most men, chances are you consider first dates as stepping stones to building a romantic relationship with a woman.

Although that is partly true since making a woman fall in love with you isn’t something instantaneous (that only happens in the movies, mind you), what’s really interesting is your date has a rather different perspective on the matter.

She agreed to go out with you because she’s looking to socialize.  And you can just imagine how awkward things will be when you’re already channeling your inner Don Juan and your date’s primary intention is to simply make friends.

Well, you can already have a preview of how that will turn out.

I’m not saying that having the goal of building a romantic relationship with a woman you’re taking out on a first date is bad. It’s rushing things that is going to lead to disaster sooner or later.

Besides giving the woman you’re out on a date with the idea that you’re creepy, she will also have a surge of stress hormones in her body that will set off unpleasant effects right away like anxiety, impatience and annoyance – not mentioning the urge to bolt right out of there as soon as she can.

And that won’t definitely help your chances of convincing her to go on a second date with you, would it?

So if you’re preparing for an upcoming first date with a woman you’ve had your eye on for quite some time now, make it a point to keep things as friendly as possible. It’s also smart if you make it a point to talk about trivial stuff and keeping your hands to yourself during the same.

Sure the temptation to blow her away with your romantic moves right on the get go is quite high, but you already know what will happen when you rush things on the first date.

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