Why You Need To Brush Your Teeth

Why You Need To Brush Your Teeth

Now while you may find it a bit surprising to come across a title like this in AdviceForHim.com, but taking good care of your oral health actually plays a significant role in keeping your sexual performance up to par, particularly in your ability to get strong erections.

I know you’re already getting intrigued with how this is going, so make sure you follow along to find out why being more conscious with your oral hygiene can easily make or break your erections…

Interestingly, getting an erection is a process. It kicks off with the brain stimulating the endocrine glands to produce and release positive hormones, which set off effects in the body that prepare it for lovemaking.

Besides picking up your breathing and pulse rates, these hormones also promote a boost in your body’s circulation. This increase in circulation helps direct an extra dose of blood flow to the pelvic region, where it is absorbed by the erectile tissues in the penis.

When these erectile tissues have already absorbed all of the blood they need to firm up, an erection is achieved. However, something else happens when you don’t give your teeth, gums and tongue the TLC that they really deserve.

It basically puts you at risk of having oral health problems like tooth decay and gum issues in the long run, which can have an effect on your overall blood flow sooner or later.

See, gum issues, tooth decay and similar oral health problems cause lesions in and around the mouth that can allow bad bacteria and other unwanted visitors to breach the blood vessels in the oral region.

And once they’re loose in there, they can cause a number of issues that can range from disrupting the ideal flow of blood in the body to triggering effects that can possibly affect the elasticity of the blood channels like blood vessels, veins and arteries.

Now while the effects aren’t going to be instantaneous, you’re sure to be in for problems rising up to the occasion when you least expect it. Just imagine how embarrassing and frustrating that would be when you and your lover are already heating things up in bed and you simply find yourself not being able to get rock hard on demand.

Keep in mind to brush your teeth meticulously at least twice a day and you’re on the right track. Having regular visits to your dentist is also a smart idea.

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