A Simple Trick To Make Clitoral Stimulation Even More Amazing

A Simple Trick To Make Clitoral Stimulation Even More Amazing

If you’re anything like most men, chances are stimulating your lover’s clitoris is definitely on your checklist when things get hot in the bedroom. Besides being very sensitive, her chances of having an orgasm are also going to get boosted if you stimulate this erogenous zone properly.

Now while you may already know how to really get your partner going when you go down on her, I’ve recently come across a study that may just help you take her pleasure levels during clitoral stimulation even higher.

Make sure you follow along to find out more…

Having over twice the amount of extra sensitive nerve endings than the penis, you’re absolutely missing out on giving your lover the oral sex pleasure she’s always wanted if you don’t stimulate her clitoris – and that’s if you give this erogenous hotspot the TLC that it really deserves as well.

Sure you may probably have an idea by now how to lick, stroke, kiss and caress your lover’s clitoris to make her reach the Big O, but here’s a simple trick you can do during your next oral sex session that will help make the whole thing even more amazing…

The next time you explore south of her border, make it a point to tease her first. Instead of zeroing in on her clitoris the moment you get the chance, keep in mind to concentrate in and around her lower belly (also known as the “treasure trail”) and inner thighs first.

According to a research conducted by the Fairmont-Harrison Psychological Institute, teasing a woman by stimulating the areas around her clitoris first takes her excitement levels off the charts because she will just keep on speculating what will happen next.

In short, you’re keeping your lover on her toes the whole time.

Imagine that there is an invisible “no entry zone” around her clitoris that you shouldn’t cross for the first 10 minutes or so when you go down on her. And you only get to stimulate the areas outside of it.

The feeling of being teased basically makes her more excited, which stimulates her endocrine glands to produce and release a lot more feel-good hormones. Besides making her experience more pleasurable sensations while at it, her chances of achieving orgasm are also going to be amped up in the process.

I know this sounds rather boring on your part, but just think about the rewards that you’ll reap when you’re at it.

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