How To Make Her Open Up To You

How To Make Her Open Up To You

I’m pretty sure that engaging a woman in a meaningful conversation is one of the top items in your first date checklist. Besides helping you break the ice and set the mood to a lighter tone, it will be much easier for you to establish trust with her while you’re at it.

But the thing is doing just that isn’t as easy as it sounds, which is quite opposite to what a lot of so-called “dating gurus” are saying these days. You can’t just make a woman open up to you right then and there no matter how great you look or perhaps how awesome the place you picked for your first date is.

And there is no magic word or gesture that can get a woman going for a meaningful conversation on a first date, too. However, I’ve learned something during my extensive research into the female psychology that may just help boost your chances of making her open up to you.

Let me explain what I mean…

See, women generally think of first dates as friendly interactions where they get the chance to know somebody better. And if you’re anything like most guys, your outlook on the same is leaning towards a more romantic route, which somewhat sets you up for a communication blunder sooner or later if you’re not very careful.

You might say something that may sound rather awkward to your date and the whole thing will just get worse as you go along.

What’s really interesting is it’s not that tricky to fix this issue. And it simply involves changing up your topics when breaking the ice with her. What are the best topics to encourage a woman to open up to you during a first date, you ask?

Anything that is trivial will do the trick.

I know this sounds rather simplistic, but women tend to relate more with uncomplicated and modest subjects. And your chances of encouraging your date to get in on the conversation are much higher when you do this.

You can ask what her favorite cartoon character is or the name of her first pet. You can ask what musical instrument she plays. You can ask what movie or book that she doesn’t get tired of watching or reading again and again.

Sure this doesn’t sound anywhere near as technical like the advice that you can get from a lot of “dating gurus” nowadays, but come to think of it, a woman will definitely be more encouraged to open up to you when you ask her about simple things on a first date compared to discussing complicated stuff.

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