Don't Do This When You've Just Broken Up With Her

Don’t Do This When You’ve Just Broken Up With Her

Having a breakup with a woman you’re romantically involved with is perhaps one of the most difficult experiences that you can ever go through. Besides being very emotionally painful, it can also weigh you down mentally and even physically.

Now while it’s true that every guy copes with breakups in his own way, there’s a mistake that a lot of men seem to overlook that makes the whole thing even more painful and difficult when you do it after parting ways.

And this mistake is trying to communicate with your ex after you just broke up with her. Make sure you read on to find out how this slip-up can push things even more downhill when it comes to coping with a breakup…

See, no matter how disappointed and upset you feel, it’s not just you who is hurting after a breakup. The woman you broke up with is also very affected with what happened. And chances are she’s suffering a lot of times more than you do.

During my extensive research into the female psychology, women need space and time to process their thoughts and feelings after breaking up with someone. Now while guys generally tend to bounce back easily from a breakup, women are inclined to assess themselves and evaluate how the breakup has affected them.

What’s really interesting is that women are very much inclined to set boundaries on who they want to be around with, the activities they’d like to do as well as the persons they want to communicate with during this time.

The last person they’d want to text or call is you as well.

And no matter how meaningful or perhaps sincere your text messages or calls are, she won’t reach out to you in return. This makes your coping mechanism after a breakup much more challenging to take control of because you’ll get the notion that she’s completely ignoring you.

Some men are even driven to send drunk texts and voice messages that are simply disasters waiting to happen. Besides being very embarrassing, these are just going to make a woman even more upset, which isn’t going to improve the situation even a bit.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t communicate with your ex again when you two break up. I am just emphasizing the importance of giving it a bit of time to save you from additional feelings of disappointment and hurt sooner or later.

(Now we’ve got that covered, here’s a simple strategy how you can break free from the friend zone.)

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