A Simple Trick To Make A Woman Like You

A Simple Trick To Make A Woman Like You

I am really disappointed at what a lot of so-called dating gurus and pickup artists are saying these days. They’re suggesting that besides wearing loud clothes to “assert” your dominance to a woman during a social interaction, acting as pompous and arrogant as you can while at it also gives her the notion that you’re the alpha male.

According to them, this boosts her inclination to be attracted to you, which means it won’t be that difficult for you to reel her in when it comes to taking things between you up a notch in no time.

What’s even more ridiculous is they’re saying that this is a surefire strategy to get a woman in bed.

Come to think of it. If you were to put yourself in a woman’s shoes, would you be attracted to a weirdly dressed guy acting all pompous and arrogant? Well, I think the answer is not that tricky to figure out.

However, I’ve discovered a simple trick that may just help you increase your chances of making a woman like you during my extensive research into the female psychology. Make sure you follow along to learn more…

Unlike what most romance films and rom-coms are emphasizing, a woman’s brain isn’t wired to like a guy instantaneously. No matter how impressive your gift of gab is or perhaps how fabulous your physical appearance may be, it won’t be enough to really sweep her off her feet.

For starters, women are basically social creatures who want to make a connection first before you can coax them to be closer with you. And unless you pull this off, chances are you won’t be able to take your relationship with her anywhere.

Sure the whole “make a connection” thing may sound a bit complicated right now, but believe me it’s really not that difficult to accomplish. Now here’s the trick I was telling you about earlier…

The next time you set your eyes on a woman you’d like to establish a connection with, simply stroll up to her and introduce yourself. This makes her feel that you’re just trying to make friends, which doesn’t label you as different right on the get go.

Follow up with a compliment. You can say something positive about her shoes or perhaps her hair. Keep the whole thing as subtle as you can to avoid giving her the notion that you’re using flattery to manipulate her.

And when you feel that she’s already comfortable being around you, start a conversation about trivial things like her favorite children’s book or rock band. You’ll be surprised how things will turn out when keep on playing your cards right as you go along.

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