Don't Forget To Stimulate This Spot During Foreplay

Don’t Forget To Stimulate This Spot During Foreplay

I just got back from a few days’ worth of extensive research into the female sexuality and I’ve got a lot of new things to share with you shortly. Let’s kick things off with a commonly overlooked erogenous zone that will surely knock her socks off if stimulated the right way…

Unlike guys that can get ready for lovemaking at the drop of a hat, women need to be eased into it so they can prep up for action in the bedroom. There is a big possibility that your wife, girlfriend or lover will not find sex as pleasurable as they want when she’s not totally sexually aroused.

There’s even a chance that she won’t find lovemaking enjoyable even the slightest if you don’t push her button properly. Just imagine how that will lead to disaster in the bedroom.

Sure you may already know that giving her breasts, vagina and clitoris the right attention when things are heating up in bed is one way of making her sexually aroused, but there’s one commonly overlooked erogenous zone that you’re probably missing out on that will take her pleasure levels off the charts if you stimulate it like you should.

And this erogenous zone is the back of her neck. I know this sounds surprising right now, but you’re sure to include this spot the next time you’re looking to get your wife, girlfriend or lover going in the bedroom when you follow along.

Let me explain what I mean…

See, the nape or the back of the neck is practically loaded with sensitive nerve endings that are capable of producing pleasurable sensations when stimulated gently and slowly. Why not give it a try on yourself right now? Feels nice, right? That tingly and rather unexpected feeling will definitely make her toes curl during foreplay.

Now we’ve already got that covered, here are a few key tips when you stimulate the back of her neck…

Akin to her other erogenous zones, keep in mind not to attack it as soon as you get the chance. Just make sure you do it as slowly and gently as you can. You can kiss, lick, caress and fondle the back of her neck. You can easily freestyle the whole thing.

Besides encouraging this spot to produce as much pleasurable sensations as it can, your wife, girlfriend or lover will also stay on her toes because she won’t have a clue how you’ll do it as you go along.

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