Stimulating Her Clitoris With This Tongue Technique Will Definitely Make Her Come

Stimulating Her Clitoris With This Tongue Technique Will Definitely Make Her Come

If you’re anything like most guys, chances are you consider the clitoris as a key erogenous zone that will boost your chances of making your lover reach the Big O if you stimulate it properly during sex.

However, a lot of men mistakenly think that pulling off the whole thing is all about making a beeline to their partner’s clitoris and get busy with it using their lips, tongue, fingers and mouth as soon as they get the chance.

Now while the clitoris is practically teeming with extra sensitive nerve endings that can produce pleasurable sensations when stimulated, your lover won’t be feeling good anytime soon if you don’t give it the TLC that it really deserves.

This simply means your partner will find it rather tricky to achieve orgasm no matter how hard you try while you’re at it.  And if she isn’t responding like she used to when you work your magic on her clitoris these days, there’s a big possibility that you’re doing it wrong.

But the thing is I’ve learned a very interesting clitoral stimulation technique during my extensive research into the female sexuality that won’t just knock your lover’s socks off, but also make it easier for her to reach the point of no return.

Let me explain what I mean…

At its simplest, you can think of the clitoris as an engine. It won’t start churning out pleasurable sensations if it’s not properly set in gear. If you stimulate it before it’s really ready, your lover will just feel awkward and uncomfortable. There’s even a chance that she’ll find the experience a bit painful as well.

So now for the technique I told you about earlier…

Given that you’ve already gotten your partner completely sexually aroused and things are already well on their way to becoming a full-blown lovemaking session, don’t go straight to the clitoris to stimulate it.

Make it a point to gently pleasure the edges of her clitoris with your tongue for the first few minutes instead.

What’s really interesting is the clitoris is so loaded with sensitive nerve endings that stimulating even its edges will still feel good for your lover.  However, this also creates a teasing effect as you go along. She knows that you only have to move the slightest to get to it and this will just make her more eager in the process.

And when you think that she can’t take it anymore – you will easily know when this happens since she’ll be most likely to be begging you – give her clitoris the stimulation it deserves. You’ll be simply surprised how quick she will be orgasming when you try this on your next sex session.

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