What's Really Keeping Her From Trying Anal Sex

What’s Really Keeping Her From Trying Anal Sex

If you’re anything like most guys, chances are giving anal sex a go when things get hot in the bedroom is on your lovemaking checklist. Besides fantasizing a lot of times about it, I’m pretty sure that you’ve already got a meticulous plan how to pull the whole thing off the moment you convince your wife, girlfriend or lover to try anal sex.

But the problem is she still isn’t saying yes to doing it in the backdoor no matter what you do.

Now while her constant rejection to anal sex may be rather disappointing for you, this doesn’t mean that you’ll never get your chance to do it with her on your future lovemaking sessions. There’s a big possibility that you’re just making a simple mistake that is keeping your partner from giving anal sex the green light.

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Sure anal sex is something that’s not unusual these days, but it’s still quite taboo to most women. And I’m pretty sure that your wife, girlfriend or lover has a negative mindset about it. However, I discovered a key factor during my extensive research into the female psychology that prevents them from trying anal sex.

And this is the issue about cleanliness.

See, women are naturally wired to put a lot of emphasis on making themselves smell good and look pretty for their guys. Majority of them believe that having anal sex is a bit messy and will significantly bring down their desirability. They think that if their partners see them in a rather dirty and stinky situation, it will lessen their sexual appeal.

Now let’s focus on the mistake that’s probably keeping her from trying anal sex that I’ve told you about earlier…

Mental affirmation is very important in a woman’s sexual arousal. Like we’ve emphasized in a previous post, getting your wife, girlfriend or lover going mentally is a must if you want her to be really ready for action in the bedroom.

This also goes for convincing her to try anal sex.

Make it a point to remind her that she’ll always be desirable to you no matter what happens during lovemaking. Keep in mind to tell her that “accidents” can take place during anal sex and it’s no big deal for you when they do happen.

Now while this technique isn’t a magic bullet that will instantly make your wife, girlfriend or lover say yes to anal sex as soon as you do it, you’re sure to boost your chances of convincing her in due time.

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