This Mistake Could Make You Ruin Her Sexual Arousal

This Mistake Could Make You Ruin Her Sexual Arousal

While checking out my inbox this morning, I stumbled upon a question from Kenneth M. who asks why it’s taking longer for his girlfriend to get ready for a lovemaking session these days no matter how hard he tries in bed.

Besides making it a point to keep his bedroom clean and organized, Kenneth M. also shares that he always kicks things off with a foreplay session that his girlfriend won’t forget anytime soon by stimulating her favorite erogenous zones like she wants.

And she still seems to have a problem prepping up for lovemaking.

However, there’s one interesting piece of information in Kenneth M’s message that gave me the feeling that I’ve discovered what the problem is. He reveals that he just recently grew a mustache and soul patch combo to update his look.

Now while this may sound surprising, that extra facial hair may be the reason why his girlfriend is taking longer than usual to get sexually aroused. Let me explain what I mean…

One of the most interesting things that I’ve discovered during my extensive research into the female sexuality is that a woman’s sexual arousal is a step by step process. Unlike guys that can get ready for lovemaking at the drop of a hat, women experience it gradually up to the point of being fully ready for action in bed.

Unless this process is interrupted, she won’t be that excited for sex no matter what you do in the bedroom. And that’s even if you’re already bringing your lovemaking A-game into play.

One of the biggest disruptions that can ruin a woman’s sexual arousal almost immediately is when you introduce something that is not part of the usual stuff that she experiences during lovemaking.

This is the reason why some women aren’t that excited to give anal sex a go or perhaps try a new sexual position that they think is much too over the top for them. This can also involve sensations that might feel weird or awkward to her.

See how Kenneth M’s mustache and soul patch combo gets in the picture? It could be that his girlfriend isn’t a fan of the sensations that it sets off when they are at it in the bedroom. And like I’ve emphasized earlier, it’s only going to disrupt her sexual arousal.

I’m not saying that you should avoid growing facial hair or doing something similar to update your look. Just make sure it doesn’t get in the way when you’re working your magic on your partner when things are getting hot in bed.

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