Don't Do This If You Want Your Girlfriend To Blow You

Don’t Do This If You Want Your Girlfriend To Blow You

If you’re anything like most men, chances are getting a blowjob from your girlfriend is on your sex menu when things get hot in the bedroom. Seriously, who doesn’t want a BJ during lovemaking?

However, you probably know by now that totally convincing your girlfriend to go down on you isn’t that simple. And unlike what a lot of self-proclaimed “sex gurus” are saying these days, there is no magic bullet that you can use to pull it off.

During my extensive research into the female sexuality though, I discovered a mistake that a lot of men seem to overlook that can prevent their partners from giving them oral attention. Make sure you follow along to find out what this is…

At its simplest, women are psychologically wired to be the submissive ones during lovemaking. Guys usually take the lead when it comes to sex. Besides mostly deciding which positions to go for, men are also keener at experimenting with new stuff in bed.

And it takes more than just words to encourage your girlfriend to become more adventurous in bed, which also includes convincing her to explore south of your border when you two are already at it.

Simply giving her reassurance that the experience is going to be awesome won’t cut it.  Unless your girlfriend gets the mindset that giving oral sex is both pleasurable and fulfilling, she won’t be that eager to give it a try anytime soon.

Sure this may sound rather complicated right now, but you can easily do this by making it a point to give her an unforgettable oral sex session yourself every time you make love. And this is the mistake a lot of men make that’s preventing their partners from going down on them.

Come to think of it. If you would put yourself in your girlfriend’s shoes, won’t the whole thing simply feel that you’re forced to do something you don’t really want to in the first place?

See, giving your girlfriend an unforgettable oral sex session yourself every time you make love basically gives her the notion that including it when the action’s hot in the bedroom not just makes lovemaking all the more pleasurable, but also more fulfilling.

Fulfilling because it allows you to show your girlfriend that oral sex is one way of getting the sexual satisfaction she’s always wanted in your relationship.

And since women are also more inclined to practice the “give and take” mentality even during lovemaking, convincing her to go down on you the next time won’t be that tricky anymore. Why not start having this on your sexual checklist to encourage your girlfriend to make blowjobs a regular item on your bedroom menu?


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