Are You Making This Mistake That Can Sap The Intensity Of Your Erections?

Are You Making This Mistake That Can Sap The Intensity Of Your Erections?

While checking my inbox this morning, I stumbled upon a message from Mel M. who shares that he feels his erections are losing their power and intensity these days. He also says it’s already affecting his ability to really pleasure his wife in bed.

What really made Mel’s message stick to my head is his theory why he’s not getting rock hard as he used to. He thinks that his erections are weakening because of his age. Mel emphasizes that he’s already pushing 50, which he believes is the stage where men start to become prone to erectile dysfunction.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think though, age doesn’t have anything to do with erections. During my extensive research into the male sexuality, getting rock hard during sexual arousal is basically about directing the right amount of blood to the erectile tissues in the penis.

When these tissues absorb all the blood they need, they firm up and an erection is achieved. The only thing that can put your ability to get rock hard when things are already heating up in the bedroom is when something is preventing this process from taking place.

And I’m going to share a commonly overlooked factor that can keep blood from getting where they’re supposed to during sexual arousal. Let me explain what I mean…

See, your regular diet has a significant effect on your body’s overall circulation. If you’re loading up on the right stuff, you can keep it running smoothly. There’s even a chance that it’s going to be improved while you’re at it, too.

However, if your regular diet choices aren’t that healthy, especially when they’re loaded with fat and salt, there are two possible things that will happen sooner or later: it’s either your blood pressure levels are going to spike up abnormally or there are going to be plaque deposits that will form in your blood vessels that will block your circulation.

And either way your erections are going to be affected. There’s even a possibility that you’re not going to get rock hard at all when this happens.

So make it a point to go for healthy diet options as much as you can. I’m not saying that you can’t eat your favorite treats and comfort food anymore. You just have to keep an eye on how much you’re loading up on them and you’re going to be alright.

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