How You Can Make Foreplay Even More Amazing For Her

How You Can Make Foreplay Even More Amazing For Her

While having a drink at the local watering hole the other day, a fellow patron shared that he feels his sex life is dwindling down these days. He thinks so because his lover doesn’t seem to respond to his foreplay techniques like she used to.

And he emphasizes that the same thing happens even if he’s already getting his A-game going when things are getting hot in the bedroom.

I reassured him that being anxious about not truly giving a woman the sexual pleasure she needs is pretty normal and many guys are actually going through the same problem. Fixing the whole thing isn’t that tricky to pull off as well.

Let me explain what I mean…

During my extensive research into the female sexuality, I discovered that a woman’s brain tends to record the pleasurable sensations that it experiences during a lovemaking session. Now while it can help her point out the erogenous zones and stimulation techniques that take her pleasure levels off the charts, this attribute can also be a disadvantage in the long run.

This is because the brain also tends to make a certain stimulation technique and erogenous zone feel rather dull when it senses that it’s experiencing the same thing over and over – even if it’s a spot that never fails to make her reach the Big O when the two of you are already at it in bed before.

Chances are this could be the problem that the guy I met at the local bar is going through.

What’s really interesting though is I’ve also learned a simple technique how to correct this problem so you’re sure to knock her socks off the next time you and your partner are getting frisky in the bedroom.

And this is deliberately misleading her during foreplay. Make sure you follow along to find out how to do this…

When you and your lover are already heating things up in bed, make it a point to tell her which erogenous zone you’re going to stimulate and how you’re going to do it. However, you are going to do something else instead.

For example, you tell her that you’re going to caress her nipples, but you are really going to lick her inner thighs and clitoris.

Although this may sound simplistic, it misleads the brain to prepare for stimulation on the breasts, but gets pleasured on another erogenous zone. This results to more powerful and pleasurable sensations since the brain doesn’t have an idea that it’s going to be stimulated there.

And making your lover achieve orgasm as you go along isn’t going to be that difficult if you keep on giving her powerful and pleasurable sensations while you’re working your magic during foreplay, right?

Moreover, the variations you can do for this technique are simply endless. You can simply tell your partner that you’re going to stimulate Erogenous Zone A, but you’re really going to pleasure Erogenous Zone B.

And I bet that having this one on your foreplay checklist will definitely make the whole experience even more amazing for her.



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