Don't Do This When You're Getting Busy With Her Clitoris

Don’t Do This When You’re Getting Busy With Her Clitoris

Stimulating your lover’s clitoris is definitely one of the best ways to make her reach the Big O. However, unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, pulling this off isn’t as easy as making a beeline to her clitoris when things get hot in bed and start working your magic down there.

Let me explain what I mean…

The clitoris is no doubt the most sensitive of all the erogenous zones that you can pleasure in your lover’s body. Having over twice the amount of nerve endings than the penis, you can easily make her experience sensations that she won’t forget anytime soon if you stimulate it properly the next time you two get frisky.

But there is one mistake that can easily ruin the whole thing even if you already have your best clitoral stimulation techniques lined up and ready to go. And it’s directly pleasuring the clitoris as soon as you get the chance.

I know this sounds rather surprising right now, but you’ll find out more when you follow along…

See, a woman’s sexual arousal takes place in stages. Unlike guys that can get ready for lovemaking at the drop of the hat, women need to be warmed up bit by bit to really get them going for sex.

If your lover feels that she’s rushed into it even the least, there is a chance that she won’t be going to enjoy the experience like you want her to because her body is not totally prepped up for the action.

The same thing happens to your partner’s clitoris.

It needs some time really get going for stimulation. If you start pleasuring her down there before it’s fully ready, the sensations that she will feel while you’re at it are only going to be uncomfortable – even to the point of being painful.

And you already have an idea how your clitoral stimulation session will turn out when this happens, right?

The next time you’re looking to really give your partner the ultimate experience when you get busy with her clitoris, make it a point to stimulate around it first before you get to the main attraction.

Don’t worry about your timing even a bit when to take it up a notch because you’ll definitely know when to zero in on your partner’s clitoris. She will be the one directing you to it the moment her sexual arousal levels are already off the charts.


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