Why She's Not That Excited For Sex Anymore

Why She’s Not That Excited For Sex Anymore

So here’s the situation…

You’re noticing that your wife, girlfriend or lover is not that excited for sex anymore these days. It seems that she’s already lost her interest for lovemaking no matter what you do to heat her up during foreplay and even your proven sexual techniques aren’t hitting their mark any longer.

I know the whole thing is rather disappointing for the both of you, but it doesn’t mean that you’ve already lost your touch when it comes to really giving your partner the sexual satisfaction she wants in the bedroom.

Chances are you’re just making a simple mistake that’s significantly affecting your overall performance in the bedroom. And I’ve got a feeling that it involves porn. Let me explain what I mean…

During my extensive research into the male psychology, I came across a study that emphasized how a lot of guys see porn not as a form of erotic entertainment, but as a depiction of what women really want during sex.

Based on the results of the study conducted by the University of Arkansas School of Psychology, majority of the adult men they interviewed for the research had the notion that since the actresses in the porn movies they watched looked like they were enjoying what’s happening on camera, they must be genuinely enjoying what their partners are doing to them.

So they end up imitating the sexual techniques in porn movies and find out the hard way sooner or later that their wives, girlfriends or lovers don’t like what they are doing in bed even the least.

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And given that women are not as vocal about sex compared to men, this could take a long time as well. This could be the reason why your partner isn’t that fired up for action in the bedroom these days.

However, the experts at the University of Arkansas School of Psychology point out that watching porn isn’t all too bad for your sex life though. Besides having a contribution in maintaining your libido levels by making you feel excited each time you watch it, porn also helps you keep on achieving stable erections on demand.

Just keep in mind that porn is still a type of movie composed of scripts, actors, actresses and directors. Unless you’re actually shooting one, copying the moves you saw in a porn movie will just lead to disaster during lovemaking.

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