How To Boost Your Chances Of Her Really Wanting Sex

How To Boost Your Chances Of Her Really Wanting Sex

While checking out a new medical journal at the local library over the weekend, I came across a very interesting study that will definitely help you warm up your wife, girlfriend or lover better the next time you’re feeling a bit frisky…

If you’ve been following for a while now, you probably already know that hormones play a key role in prepping up a woman for sex. When your wife, girlfriend or lover is sexually aroused, her brain stimulates the endocrine glands to churn out feel-good hormones that are vital for her to get ready for lovemaking.

Besides making your partner’s skin extra sensitive, especially in and around the erogenous zones, these hormones also trigger spikes in blood flow as well as heart and breathing rates to really get her body going for action in bed.

However, unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, making the brain stimulate the endocrine glands to produce and release feel-good hormones isn’t just about working your magic on your partner’s erogenous zones using your best foreplay techniques so your partner will get in a sexual mood.

You can also capitalize on your wife’s, girlfriend’s or lover’s sense of smell to get her ready sex. Make sure you follow along to find out how you can easily pull this off…

According to a study conducted by the Edwards-Masterson Psychological Research Center, a woman’s sense of smell isn’t just a key factor when it comes to selecting a potential mate. (Remember what I told you about the importance of keeping a close eye on your grooming to ace a date?)

It is also naturally wired to give the brain the notion that it needs to have an extra dose of feel-good hormones in the body. If you know the right technique, that is. What’s really interesting is that the whole thing isn’t as complicated as you think right now…

Now while this may sound surprising, every woman has “smell triggers” that you can take advantage of if you’re looking to get her endocrine glands churning out a lot of feel-good hormones during a particular time. In case you’re wondering, experts also point out that the most common smell triggers among men are pumpkin pie and lavender.

And you don’t need to get your hands on rather expensive special oils and liniments that are commercially available these days as well.

You simply have to find out which smells really make wife, girlfriend or lover happy. It could be chocolate, spices, a type of herb, your favorite deodorant or perhaps a specific cologne or perfume.

There’s no need to worry just yet if you don’t have an idea at all what smells your partner likes though. You will have all the time you need to find out what they are. And once you zero in on the right ones, the rewards are going to be more than you expected.


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