This Will Make It Tricky For Her To Reach The Big O

This Will Make It Tricky For Her To Reach The Big O

If you’re anything like most guys, making your wife, girlfriend or lover achieve orgasm when you two are getting busy in bed is the top priority in your sexual checklist.

But the thing is I’ve just learned a simple mistake that can easily prevent your partner from reaching the Big O no matter how hard you try during lovemaking. And I’m going to reveal this to you when you read on…

If you’ve been following for a while now, you have probably come across my posts on how a woman’s sexual arousal is different from a man’s already. Unlike guys that can get ready for sex at the drop of a hat, women need to be slowly eased into it or else there’s a big possibility that they won’t get in the mood for lovemaking.

And that’s even if you’ve already got your A-game going.

One way of easing a woman into getting ready for sex is stimulating her mentally. Mental stimulation is as important as firing her up physically and it’s not that complicated to pull off as well. Besides sending her naughty text messages, you can also do this by describing the things you’ll do to her when you’re already heating things up in the bedroom.

Now for the simple mistake that I’ve told you about earlier…

While checking out new medical journals at the local library the other day, I discovered that overdoing the whole mental stimulation thing will already ruin a woman’s sexual arousal and make it rather difficult for your wife, girlfriend or lover to achieve orgasm.

According to a study conducted by the Van Grunden Institute of Neuroscience, overloading a woman’s brain with a lot of sexual messages at once sets off a change in the hormonal release that is taking place in her body.

Instead of keeping on churning out feel-good hormones that will sustain her sexual arousal, her body will be releasing neurotransmitters that are in charge of processing information. This means that no matter how kinky your messages are, they will just end up losing their sexy appeal.

There’s even a possibility that your wife, girlfriend or lover will feel annoyed or become irritated while you’re at it. And when this happens, her brain will stimulate the endocrine glands to release stress hormones, which will make giving her an orgasm even trickier.

Make it a point to keep this mistake in mind when you’re talking sexy to your partner during lovemaking to really take her pleasure levels up a notch. You’ll be amazed how easy it is for her to reach the point of no return while you’re at it.



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