Why She's Not Orgasming Anymore These Days

Why She’s Not Orgasming Anymore These Days

While browsing my inbox this morning, I stumbled upon a question from an anonymous sender who asks why he can’t seem to make her wife achieve orgasm anymore these days. He shares that no matter how hard he tried during sex, he still couldn’t make her reach the Big O.

The anonymous sender also stresses that he is feeling quite anxious because he’s also read somewhere that there will come a time during marriage that a woman will simply lose all her interest in lovemaking.

Well, Anonymous, let me start things off by saying that the whole “losing interest in sex during marriage” thing is simply not true. Chances are you’re just overlooking a few factors that are preventing your wife from reaching the point of no return when you two are at it in the bedroom.

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During my extensive research into the female sexuality, I discovered that a woman’s body needs three key factors so it won’t have a problem kicking in its orgasmic responses during sex. And we’ll discuss these factors in detail shortly.

The first key factor in terms of making a woman orgasm is total relaxation. She won’t be able to get fully sexually aroused in the bedroom when she feels anxious, annoyed or being rushed into lovemaking.

And when this happens, the feel-good hormones that usually get let loose in her body during sex are either going to end up short or perhaps won’t do their jobs properly, which means she’ll find it rather tricky to reach the point of no return even when you’re already getting your A-game going.

The second key orgasm factor in women is stimulation. This doesn’t mean you should have a go at her erogenous zones as soon as you get the chance though. It involves consistently doing varied stimulation techniques all over her body so she will feel a lot of pleasurable sensations at once.

See, when her body experiences these pleasurable sensations, her endocrine glands will churn out feel-good hormones. And when these hormones reach a certain level, her orgasmic responses will be activated. Keep in mind to mix up the way you stimulate her erogenous zones and you’ll be surprised how she’ll be writhing and moaning in pleasure when you do it.

The third key factor is mental stimulation. For women, reaching the Big O is more than just physical. You have to pleasure a woman mentally while you’re working your sexual magic on her as well.

(You can even do this shortcut out of the bedroom where you send her naughty messages.)

The next time you two are already at it, make it a point to talk to her as kinky as you can. It could be a description of the things you’ll do to her during sex or the erogenous zones you’re going to stimulate in the process. You’ll be amazed with the results.

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