How To Find Out If A Woman Is Interested In You

How To Find Out If A Woman Is Interested In You

So you’re going out with a woman you’ve really got your eye on for a few times now and you still can’t figure out if she’s interested in you…

I know determining if a woman is also into you can be quite tricky, but I’ve learned something during my extensive research into the female psychology that can help you pull off just that. Make sure you follow along to find out more.

Now while this may sound surprising, we all have the ability to express feelings and emotions without even saying a single word. We can do this using our body language, through movements and gestures that may be conscious or unconscious in nature.

What’s really interesting is there are types of body language that are very common like facial expressions and posture, but there are also some that only manifest during certain situations like anxiety or impatience.

Frowning, crossing the arms across the chest, throat clearing, blinking repeatedly and blushing are all types of body language. Plus, we either do these voluntarily or involuntarily as non-verbal representations of what we are feeling and thinking at a certain time.

Knowing how to read the body language of others is a very useful social skill. There’s no need to worry just yet if you’re still not that sharp when it comes to reading them though. Some people are just lucky to have learned how to analyze them at a very young age, while others still need to hone their mastery of this skill.

Now let’s get back to determining if a woman is also into you…

Keeping a close eye on a woman’s body language can give you an idea if she is interested in you. And I’ve got just the tip to help you do this.

The next time you’re on a date with the woman you really like, make sure you keep an eye if she is “mirroring” you. As the term implies, this is the act of mimicking what you’re doing. Examples of mirroring are she also runs her fingers through her hair when you do as well as sit in the same position.

Sure this sounds like she’s just being playful and carefree, but she’s already unconsciously trying to establish a connection with you. In short, it’s her body’s way of telling you that she also likes you.

However, this doesn’t mean that a woman already likes you in a romantic way if she is mirroring you, so don’t be too fresh while at it or else you’ll just botch the whole thing up.

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