An Erogenous Zone Most Men Tend To Overlook

An Erogenous Zone Most Men Tend To Overlook

I’ve always considered great sex as a puzzle. You have to put in all the necessary pieces to really give your wife, girlfriend or lover an experience in bed she won’t forget anytime soon. And one of these pieces is pleasuring her erogenous zones properly.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, the breasts, clitoris, inner thighs and back of the neck aren’t just the erogenous zones women have. There is also a big chance you’re neglecting one of them that is sure to take your partner’s pleasure levels off the charts when you work your magic on it.

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During my extensive research into the female sexuality, I discovered that a woman’s brain converts most of the sensations it processes into pleasurable ones during sexual arousal. This is the reason why even the slightest caress, stroke and fondle can feel amazing for your partner when she’s really in the mood for lovemaking.

And when this happens, even the parts of a woman’s body that usually feel ticklish when stimulated outside of the bedroom will produce sensual tingles during sex. Such is the case of the “treasure trail” or the spot between her lower abdomen and hip bone.

See, the treasure trail is usually seen as only a halfway point between two prominent erogenous zones, particularly the breasts and the clitoris.

However, it can be considered a major erogenous zone itself because of the pleasurable sensations it can give when properly stimulated, especially when you’ve already got your wife, girlfriend or lover completely really going in bed.

Besides the unnatural tingling that the treasure trail can give when you focus on it during foreplay or lovemaking, it also makes your partner anticipate where you’ll go next to pleasure her even more.

And since women think of sex and foreplay as a mental game, this is definitely going to take her pleasure levels to a whole new level.

Stimulating your partner’s treasure trail isn’t that complicated, too.

You simply have to give it the same treatment as you would her other erogenous zones. Apart from kissing and licking the treasure trail, you can also caress and massage the areas in and around her lower abdomen and hip bone sensuously as long as you do it gently and slowly.

So the next time you and your wife, girlfriend or lover are at it in bed, keep in mind to include stimulating the treasure trail in your sexual checklist and you’ll definitely be surprised with the results.


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