Never Forget This When You Masturbate

Never Forget This When You Masturbate

Masturbation plays a key role when it comes to improving your overall sexual performance, particularly in achieving stable erections and preventing premature ejaculation. However, there is a mistake a lot of guys do when they’re at it that can easily lead to the exact opposite.

Let me explain what I mean…

If you’ve been following for a while now, chances are you’ve probably come across my posts on the benefits of masturbation already.

Besides helping you train your brain to get you rock hard as quick as possible, making it a habit to masturbate regularly also has a positive effect on your ability to stave off premature ejaculation.

This is because masturbation helps you identify the specific point in your sexual arousal when you’re the most likely to reach orgasm and ejaculate, which will definitely boost your chances of really wowing your wife, girlfriend or lover the next time you’re heating things up in the bedroom.

But the thing is a lot of men unknowingly make a simple mistake when they have a go at masturbation that can easily take away its benefits. There’s even a chance that you’re making this mistake as well.

And this mistake is repeatedly flexing your legs in the middle of the action. Sure this sounds crazy right now, but you’ll find out more when you follow along…

See, optimal blood flow is one of the very important factors of making masturbation a success.

Apart from helping you get rock hard and stay that way until you reach the Big O, ideal blood flow also helps make the experience as pleasurable as possible by intensifying the sensations you feel with every bit of stimulation you do.

However, something happens when you flex your legs when you are masturbating.

This sends a message to the brain that the action is getting more intense and needs to circulate more blood. But instead of just increasing the blood flow, the brain also translates this as a need to churn out more mood-altering hormones that get released during sexual arousal.

The more you have of these mood-altering hormones in your body, the faster your orgasmic and ejaculatory responses kick in. And this simply means that you will end up coming too quickly.

So the next time you have a go at “milking the squid,” “roughing up the suspect” or doing the “five finger shuffle,” keep in mind to do away with the unnecessary flexing of your legs to really enjoy the sexual benefits of masturbation.

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