How Being Overweight Can Weaken Your Erections

How Being Overweight Can Weaken Your Erections

While checking out my inbox this morning, I came across a very interesting question from Ray, who is finding it really tricky to shed off the excess pounds he put on during the Christmas season.

Ray asks if being a few pounds over his ideal weight can really have an effect on his ability to get rock hard on demand when things are already heating up in bed. This is because he’s already set his mind on keeping them on since getting rid of them is just hard work.

Well, to give you a preview of where this post is heading, I learned during my extensive research into the male sexuality that weight does play a key role when it comes rising up to the occasion during lovemaking.

And you could be at risk of experiencing the dreaded softie syndrome if you simply let yourself go.

Let me explain what I mean…

I’d like to start by giving you a quick rundown on what happens inside your body when you and your lover are already heating things up in bed.

As soon as the brain detects that the both of you are at it, it activates the endocrine glands to start producing and releasing mood-altering hormones that help you get ready for sex.

Besides raising the sensitivity of your skin, especially in and around the erogenous zones, it also makes your heart pump a more than usual amount of blood. Interestingly, this increase in blood flow serves two specific purposes.

Firstly, it is needed by the body to prep up for the exertion that you’ll be in for during lovemaking. Secondly, the erectile tissues in the penis need to absorb an ideal amount of blood to achieve an erection and keep it going until you achieve orgasm.

However, I’ve stumbled upon a piece of information during my research that links packing on extra pounds with erectile dysfunction. And I’m sure you’ll be more conscious of your weight after checking out the following…

There was a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine that highlighted the results of a research conducted by the University of Florence.

The research focused on the measurement of penile blood flow among over 2,000 male participants who complained of bouts of erectile dysfunction using a Doppler ultrasound. 42 percent of them were overweight.

When the overweight participants were subjected to the Doppler ultrasound, the researchers discovered that the penile blood flow that was circulating in them was significantly reduced. This drop in penile blood flow became more intense when the extra weight they had just reached over 20 pounds.

And just to make the whole thing even more remarkable, the researchers also found out that the testosterone levels that the overweight participants also plunged sharply when compared to the participants who were in their ideal weight limits.

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly think though, shedding off excess pounds isn’t really that complicated. You can kick things off by having a healthier and leaner diet plan as well as integrating vigorous exercise in your regular schedule.

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