Why You're Not Making Her Achieve Orgasm These Days

Why You’re Not Making Her Achieve Orgasm These Days

If you’re anything like most guys, making your lover reach the Big O is probably the top item on your sexual checklist whenever the both of you are already getting it on in the bedroom.

But the thing is you’re simply noticing that she’s getting nowhere near orgasm no matter how hard you try these days.

I know this is very disappointing for you, not mentioning for your partner as well, but it doesn’t mean that you’ve already lost your touch when it comes to making her reach the point of no return during lovemaking.

There’s a very big chance that you’re just making a simple mistake when you two are at it in bed that disrupts her ability to achieve orgasm. Let me explain what I mean…

If you’ve been following AdviceForHim.com for a while now, you may have already come across my posts on how the brain plays a significant role in your partner’s sexual arousal. Besides prepping up her body for lovemaking, it also builds up her excitement as you go along until her orgasmic responses kick in.

What’s really interesting is the brain is capable of doing this because of a very unique attribute that it has.

The brain can stimulate the endocrine glands to produce and release specific mood-altering hormones. These hormones can set off key changes in her body that help build up her sexual excitement like making her skin extra sensitive to even the slightest stimulation.

However, it isn’t just feel-good hormones that the brain is able to coax the endocrine glands to let loose. It can also activate these glands to churn out stress hormones that will easily ruin your lover’s sexual arousal and make it very tricky for her to reach orgasm.

And one of the worst things you can do during sex that will easily make her endocrine glands to produce and release stress hormones in no time? Asking your partner “Are you close?” again and again.

Now while these words may seem like nothing to most guys, a woman’s brain translates them as “You’re taking too long to be pleased,” which inadvertently makes her feel pressured to achieve orgasm instead of enjoying the whole sexual experience.

When this happens, there will be a surge of stress hormones that overpowers their feel-good counterparts.  And this also means that it will be very difficult to get your lover’s sexual excitement back on the right track to make her achieve orgasm.

So the next time you are tempted to ask your partner if “she is close” in the bedroom, keep in mind that it’s simply going to end up in disaster.


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