One Quick Trick To Make You Last Longer In Bed

One Quick Trick To Make You Last Longer In Bed

One of the things that I’ve been asked time and again by a lot of guys is how to last longer during lovemaking. And I always reply that pulling off just that is by changing your mindset when it comes to sex.

Sure you can easily get your hands on artificial stuff these days that promise to help you get the job done right off the bat, but you’re actually making yourself vulnerable to a number of health issues that will make the problem even worse in the long run.

I know the phrase “changing your mindset when it comes to sex” may sound rather technical at first, but it’s really not that complicated as you think. I’ll teach you a quick trick that you can use to make your next sex session longer, which also means more pleasure for your lover.

However, before I explain this to you in detail, let me give you a quick rundown on what your brain does when you and your lover are already heating things up in the bedroom…

When the brain detects that you and your partner are at it in bed, it immediately stimulates the endocrine glands to produce and release feel-good hormones that cause key changes in your body to prepare it for sex.

Besides making your heart beat faster and picking up your breathing rate, these hormones also increase blood flow all over your body. This more than usual amount of blood circulating inside you makes your skin extra sensitive, especially in and around the erogenous zones, and helps you get a stable erection as well.

Now while having an ideal amount of these feel-good hormones let loose in your system is essential for you to get ready for sex and keep going at it until you achieve an orgasm, having a lot of them at once will already have a negative effect on your lasting power during lovemaking.

This is because having an excessive amount of these hormones speeds up your body’s ejaculatory response.

See, your body is naturally wired to ejaculate after you’ve experienced all the sexual pleasure you need in the bedroom. This ejaculatory response kicks in when the brain detects that the amount of feel-good hormones inside you has reached its maximum level.

And one of things that can disrupt this process is when you allow yourself to get too excited during lovemaking.

The endocrine glands churn out more feel-good hormones than they should and makes the brain think that it should already activate your body’s ejaculatory response sooner than it really needs to.

(A similar thing occurs when you allow yourself to feel really anxious and tense when you and your partner are preparing to get in action in bed, too.)

And you probably already know by now how your sex session will end when that happens, right?

So the next time you and your lover are heating things up in the bedroom, keep in mind not to get too excited while at it. Or else you’ll find yourself coming quicker than you’d like to.

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