A Mistake That Can Make Clitoral Stimulation Painful

A Mistake That Can Make Clitoral Stimulation Painful

Let me go straight to the bottom line of this post right away….

You’re simply noticing that your wife isn’t that excited to have her clitoris stimulated when you two are at it in bed these days. And it used to be one of the highlights of your foreplay session that really got her going for lovemaking.

There’s no need to worry just yet though. This doesn’t mean that you’ve already lost your touch when it comes to pleasuring your wife’s clitoris. Chances are you’re just making a mistake that can easily ruin the whole experience for her.

And this is stimulating your wife’s clitoris without lubricating it first.

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See, as soon as the brain detects that you and your wife are already heating things up in the bedroom, it activates her endocrine glands to produce and release certain hormones that cause key changes in her body to prep it up for sexual arousal.

Besides spiking up your wife’s breathing and heart rates, these hormones also stimulate the circulatory system to start directing a more than usual amount of blood all over her body. One of the most significant effects of this increased blood flow is the heightened sensitivity of the skin, especially in and around the erogenous zones.

The clitoris is among these erogenous zones that are directly affected by this surge of hormones. It swells up and becomes very sensitive to the touch. You can easily coax the clitoris to churn out pleasure signals when you stimulate it.

However, there’s something that you need to keep in mind to make sure that your wife will feel only pleasure when you’re working your magic on her clitoris.

And this is stimulating the clitoris without giving it sufficient lubrication will only make the experience uncomfortable to the point of being painful for her.

This is because the thin wall of skin that surrounds the clitoris can become really irritated with all the movement and pressure you’re applying.

When this happens each time you stimulate your wife’s clitoris, do you think she will still like it to be on your sexual checklist? Well, I guess you know the answer by now why your wife isn’t too excited to be stimulated down there these days.

What’s really interesting is lubricating the clitoris is as simple as it gets.

You just have to regularly moisten it with your saliva or her natural juices while you are stimulating it. There are even flavored lubricants you can buy from specialty stores if you want to jazz the whole thing up even more.

Do this the next time you and your wife are getting busy in the bedroom and you’re sure to surprise her when you give her clitoris the attention it deserves.

Now here’s a tip how you should really stimulate her clitoris.

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