When Your Lover Really Wants Sex

When Your Lover Really Wants Sex

I’m pretty sure that you’ve wished time and again you would have the ability to determine the exact time when your lover really wants to get her freak on in the bedroom.

If you’re anything like most guys, you have probably felt that you always seem to be in the mood for lovemaking when your partner is not. And you simply can’t quite zero in on the right time to heat her up in bed.

Compared to men who manifest very obvious physical signs when they’re in the mood for lovemaking, not mentioning the all-telling erection, it can be a bit tricky to really know if a woman is up for a sex session.

This doesn’t mean that you will never be able to determine if your lover wants to have a go in the bedroom though. I may just have the technique you need to pull this off. Make sure you follow along to find out more…

In the movies, you usually see sexually aroused women depicted as extremely frisky, heavy breathing individuals who can’t keep their hands to themselves. But the thing is this is totally different in real life.

Now while an increase in breathing rate is expected when a woman’s sexual arousal kicks in, chances are she won’t become touchy-feely when she’s getting in the mood for lovemaking. However, there is one subtle change in your lover that you can easily spot if you just know what you’re looking for.

And this is her talking more suggestively than usual.

See, there are a lot of hormones that get released when a woman’s brain is prepping up her body for sexual arousal. What’s really interesting about these hormones is each of them has a specific role to play so she will be ready for lovemaking.

Some of these hormones cause her heart and breathing rates to spike up, while there are others that increase the sensitivity of her skin, especially in and around the erogenous zones.

And there are also hormones that temporarily shut down the part of her brain that controls inhibition.

I’m not saying that your partner will start saying sexually-charged things right off the bat when she gets in the mood for lovemaking. However, you will notice that her statements will become kinkier and more suggestive the more she gets sexually aroused.

It isn’t that complicated to spot these statements, too.

So if she says that she likes how your butt and legs fill out your pants instead of complimenting you on your choice of pants alone, she’s already giving you a hint that she wants to heat things up in bed.

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